Other Books by Paul Hayden



“The Waves of Fate”

“The Waves of Fate” is the last in “The Nonconformist” series and follows up with the hero Jonathan Lewis as he is recovering from his near death experience outside of Shea Stadium. All seems well in his life and marriage until several fateful events once again tests his faith and mettle. He will be forced to deal with those evens as well as betrayal and a quest to find an old surfing buddy who is in crisis and a long lost half sister. He is also reunited with friends he had made during his competitive days as well as once again facing the formidable waves of the North Shore of Oahu along with his fears. Will he survive it all and find  the peace and love he has searched for his entire life. Find out in this fast paced thriller.

Available through Amazon.com  and Amazon Kindle as well as from the author.

chickenofthesea_bookcover“Chicken Of The Sea” – Five Star Review on Amazon!


Author Paul Hayden explores his surfing roots and the role the sport has played in shaping and defining him. Throughout his struggles, he recognizes the hand of God guiding him. While surfers will certainly relate to Hayden’s adventures and experiences, even non-surfers will enjoy this coming-of-age story of struggle, hope and self-realization. At times heartbreaking and hilarious, “Chicken of the Sea” is, above all, human.

Publisher is currently out of business and copies only available from the author.


byronthelonelychristmastree_bookcover“Byron the Lonely Christmas Tree” – Five Star Review on Amazon!

On a Christmas tree farm in New Hampshire, a tiny sapling is born. His name is Byron, and he sprouts under the shade of a great oak tree, where he gets little sun and grows small and spindly. Each year he longs to be chosen as a Christmas tree, but few families will even look at a sapling as tiny as Byron. Will he ever find a loving home? In Paul Hayden’s touching children’s tale, Byron comes to learn that God blesses those who wait faithfully. Children everywhere will love this story of a beautiful Christmas miracle.

The publisher is no longer in business so copies are only available from the author.

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