Legen (wait for it) dary

may 10 surf photo 2I was a big fan of the TV show “How I met your mother” and remember Barney often saying legen (wait for it) dary when he was describing his sexual exploits.

We all often hear the word legendary used to describe people or occurrences and the word takes on an aura of it’s own. It is used for great athletes, political leaders (well at least some), scientists, actors, business leaders and on and on.

Some of those we tag with the legendary status might do legendary things over a long period of time, some would not be called legendary except for one great thing they did like Joan of Arc or Jack (the giant slayer). Some realize there status during their lifetimes and some only after they are gone and in retrospect when the world realizes the magnitude of what they did. There are also some who become legends simply because they lived long enough to become one.

Some are legendary on a universal basis and some only within a small group, kind of like the Barney Stinson character. There are also some of us are only legendary in our own minds.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I tend to diminish what I have accomplished based on what others have done especially within the areas that I am involved in whether it be surfing, art, business or whatever. I suppose that comes from my tendency to be more than a bit self-effacing and unwilling at times to give myself credit where credit is due. I’m sure I’m not alone though in that respect.

I certainly pondered the thought when I was writing my novels “The Nonconformist” and “The Waves of Fate”. My character Jon Lewis tended to always feel a bit in awe of his surfing buddies despite his own accomplishments. It was only after stepping back from it, looking back and truly listening to the praise of others that he finally realized the extent of his accomplishments and his place within the group, the bigger world and the sport.

The truth was, he was a great surfer in his own rite but more importantly an even better person due to his honesty, loyalty and love and devotion of others.

What I’ve come to realize is that you don’t have to be the best at something or given great acclaim or given the legendary tag to be of great value. It’s also not a sin to, from time to time, acknowledge your accomplishments and graciously accept what praise comes your way.

I accept that I’m no legend when it comes to my surfing, art, volunteering or business endeavors. That’s ok as I am becoming comfortable with where I am within those arenas and that alone is good enough for me. And who knows if I live long enough I just might become a legend by default.

Thanks for checking in this week and continue to be the living legend you are.

Aloha, Paul

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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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