How bad do you want it?

the-nonconformist-3We all have dreams and things we would like to do, become and/or accomplish. Some are simply pipe dreams that it would be cool to achieve but in reality they are simply that, just pipe dreams that we either aren’t that intent on achieving or don’t really think we could achieve.

There are those dreams however that have burned within us since as long as we can remember which until we achieve them we never seem to be settled or satisfied.

There are those, just like the character in my novel, Jon Lewis who have great dreams but give them up for another. While noble in concept, in reality giving up on them ultimately helps lead to his undoing until a near death crisis forces him to come to terms with his life and he realizes he gave up too much of himself while trying so hard to desperately please others and gain their approval.

When I teach surfing to students there is always that crossroads they meet where they know they desperately want to master the sport and ride bigger waves and ride waves better but find themselves afraid to commit out of fear.

I always tell them they will never conquer the wave until they overcome their fears and go for it with all that’s in them.

I look at surfing the same way I look at life and dreams. Like many things it’s all a leap of faith mixed in with a degree of self confidence knowing you have the talent, ability  and desire to accomplish the thing you’ve dreamed about doing.

For the past five years I’ve been working on a screenplay based on my novel “The Nonconformist”. To date I still have yet to get it accepted by a producer but I keep working on refining it, looking for input and talking with people who I believe can help me accomplish my dream.

Sure it’s been a lengthy and at times frustrating process but it still has a life, I believe in the project and it’s value and potential and want to accomplish my dream of seeing it in film very, very much.

I believe down deep that if I keep pursuing my dream that it will eventually happen. I have to because if I don’t believe in it enough then how can anyone else.

In the end, however, I know this won’t guarantee success but that’s all-right as long as I know I never gave up on my dream (which I won’t until there’s no one left who will listen to me) and that I went for it with all that was in me.

So if there’s something you really want to achieve, no matter where you are in your life, go for it like it’s double overhead pipe and you want to get barreled in the worst way. Once you’re there the feeling is going to be so sweet.

Thanks for checking in this week. I hope this post finds you well and I’ll look forward to seeing you again next week.

Aloha, Paul

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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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