IMG_2764I just returned home from a ten day trip to the “Big Island” of Hawaii with my wife Kathy. We had an awesome time there and although there wasn’t a lot of surf I still had fun boogie boarding, shelling, touring around (watching the surfing channel which we don’t have at home) and just relaxing.

Travelling someplace like Hawaii is great but at the same time getting home is super also. I like where we live, my job at the surf shop, our friends, the beaches and the things I’m involved with here in Jacksonville.

During my time spent in industry  I was always on the road travelling for business and moving around the country for job changes. I figure I averaged over 60,000 miles per year travelling for business and on average out of the office about 100 days per year.

As such, I suspect it’s the reason why I’m pretty content to mostly hang out locally. Moving around has also made it difficult to be close to family and friends and to put down permanent roots. We’ve now been here in Jacksonville for eleven years which is the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere and I’m very content on staying here indefinitely.

Thinking about this all recently I sat down and penned the following poem aptly entitled “Roots”. I believe it sums up my feelings pretty well and I hope you enjoy it.

I wish I had roots like a tall oak tree that could hold me to one place

But unfortunately my roots have been shallow ones so I’ve been blown from place to place

The oak doesn’t have to worry about finding it’s way home

Because unlike me the oak has never had to roam

The oak doesn’t have to make new friends because they’re already there

And it’s never been an outsider because it was born and stayed right there

The oak is always near it’s family because it’s acorns fall nearby

And unlike me it doesn’t have to travel to be by loved ones side

Spring, summer, winter, fall it knows where it will be

So give me roots like the tall oak tree so I can be like thee


Thanks for checking in this week and I pray this blog post finds you and yours safe and sound post Matthew.

Aloha, Paul



About authorpaulhayden

Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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