Presence felt-Presence missed

authorpicI’m sure we all know that someone who seems to light up a room when they come in and instantly garners the attention of everyone present. Heck, you may be fortunate enough to be one of those people.

Whether it be at a party, workplace or family gathering, there are always those who afterwards you weren’t sure if they were there and those that you were certain were and who you couldn’t wait to be around and hated to see leave.

Conversely, if they were absent from the event you felt sorry that they weren’t there. Somehow, certain people seem to inherently have the ability to put people at easy, make you happy and uplift your spirits. They also carry an aura of happiness, contentment and childhood exuberance that is infectious.

I believe that the Marlin’s pitcher Jose Fernandez who’s life was tragically cut short this week in a boating accident was such a person. As a Mets fan I hated it when Jose took the mound against us because he generally shut us down but somehow I could not dislike the guy.

I loved the way he seemed to be in everyone’s face in the dugout either joking with them or simply chatting. He wasn’t just there in body even when he wasn’t pitching but instead was there in spirit rooting on his teammates and giving encouragement. Bottom line, you could tell he loved the game, the fans and his teammates and his spirit was infectious.

You could tell from the genuine emotion and sentiments that were shared by not only his teammates but all of baseball and the community, that his presence in their lives was genuinely felt and his absence sorely missed and that he had impacted lives in a very positive and special way.

I know we all can’t be that person. We are after all different in many ways. But in the end I think it would be safe to say that we would at least want to impact each others lives in a similar  way.

So rest in peace Jose and pray we can learn something from your life and legacy.

Thanks for checking in and I pray you have a safe and happy week.

Aloha, Paul

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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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