Quiet Time

IMG_2764For the past three weeks my wife was away helping her mother recuperate from a recent heart operation. During that time I had the house to myself and more than enough “alone  and quiet time”.

Between work, surfing, house fix-ups, writing and some art projects I kept pretty busy but in the end I still had plenty of time to chill and just think. Believe me, I don’t mind my quiet time but too much of it can still be quite unnerving especially for someone who, though never diagnosed for it, has been told by many over the years that he must suffer from ADHD.

There were times before I came to terms with some of my stuff that I could barely stand quiet moments and time. It seemed like whenever I did stop to chill and think that I couldn’t shut down my brain and obsessed endlessly about so many things, many of which  I now realize were very trivial, that I would end up stressing out over and nearly driving myself nuts from.

I was so bad at times that one of my co-workers once sat me down one day and said, “Don’t think Paul, you only weaken the team.

What he was really trying to tell me, I believe, was that I tended to overthink things and that if I just trusted in my judgement that I would be much better off. The advice was good and once I thought about it some more I realized most of the things I stressed over I either had no control over or possibly couldn’t change even if I did so why trouble myself over them.

Once I got that notion in my head things started to improve for me and I started t enjoy my alone and quiet time. It also changed my thought pattern into a more positive and productive one.

Truth be told, being inactive still isn’t an easy thing for me and certainly three weeks of me time is more than I could bear, but I survived and even learned in the process how to better enjoy the quiet moments I have.

Bottom line, it seems like people in general seem to be in too  much of a hurry and need constant stimulation and I can’t help to believe we would all be better off if we could learn to chill, give up some control and embrace quiet time more often.

Thanks for checking in this week. I hope this weeks post finds you well and thoroughly chilled out.

Aloha, Paul

About authorpaulhayden

Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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