It’s easy to stop dreaming but don’t

545513_10151068901303949_1177005509_nOften, when signing my books, especially with children, but with adults also, I add the line “believe in yourself and miracles and follow your dreams”. The phrase might seem simple and easy but in reality it is often difficult for us to truly live.

We are often, either from childhood or as adults or both, barraged with negative comments like, “you aren’t capable of doing this or that, you are chasing a pipe dream, you will never accomplish your goal anyway so be practical and do what is expected of you or and stop being a dreamer.

As a lifelong nonconformist and hopeless dreamer of the highest level (like level ten Mario Brothers if there is such a level) I have often heard such comments and often by those that should have been the most encouraging like family, friends and colleagues.

There was a time in my life when I used to buy into and accept such comments as true and I was miserable because of it. The truth is, if you lose that sense of self confidence and hope then you stagnate and are most likely not all too happy with yourself.

When I started to speak up, rejected the rhetoric and started to change and declare my independence, it was often met with a great deal of push back and resistance as people, some well meaning and some not, tried to put me back in my place. It even came to the point where I lost promotions or jobs over it and even lost the support of some friends and family members.

At times it seemed like the best option would have been to buckle under and forgo on my dreams but in the end I’m glad I didn’t despite the negative consequences.

I am much happier as a result and have accomplished things I was told I would never have been able to accomplish. I have conquered waves I used to be afraid to even look at, I’ve completed and had published three books with another on the way. I’ve been a public speaker and have been interviewed on the news in front of a camera. I’ve written a screenplay and will never give up on my dream to have it turned into a movie. I’ve also, even at my advanced age, continued to try to learn new things and take courses.

What I’ve received from it all isn’t to any great degree financial in nature, but more rewardingly, what I have received is a better sense of self and self-fulfillment and  self-actualization.

I have a friend named Todd who has a saying “Create your day”. The more I think about his saying the more I like it. It is easy to become downtrodden and left without hope and the spirit of dreaming. Life is difficult and so is realizing a dream but in the end whether we realize our dream or not, the process of pursuing it is worth it as it gives us hope, strength the belief that we can make a difference which in the end should make us happier.

So you dreamers out there, keep on dreaming big dreams and believe in miracles and yourself and if you’re afraid to dream or afraid of failing just take that first step and plunge into the deep end of life’s pool. Hopefully you’ll find the water feels great.

Thanks for checking in, have a great week, create some great days for yourself and I will look forward to seeing you back here again next week.

Aloha, Paul

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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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