Never give up. Never surrender

IMG_2764The above title comes from one of my favorite lines in the movie “Galaxy Quest”. The aliens the actors were helping had taken the quote from a line in the TV show they watched and thought was real life.

While things didn’t go so well for them for a time, in the end their resolve was the thing that not only saved them but was also something that gave the actors real purpose to their own lives.

Certainly such an attitude and resolve doesn’t always lead to success as it did with them. From the way the story is told, those defending the Alamo had the same resolve but as we all know things didn’t work out so well for them. The same could be said of how things went for Custer at Little Big Horn.

Their defeats might suggest that there are times where the best course of action is to give up. I guess the bottom line is how badly it is that you want something and if it’s worth possibly dying for or going bankrupt over.

Fortunately not all instances of resolve involve either death or bankruptcy but all the same, generally taking the stance of never giving up has a certain degree of potential risk that comes with it.

Since I lost my job in industry some years ago I took on a bunch of jobs, some good, some bad just to make ends meet. There came a point in all of it though where I realized this wasn’t making me happy and not what I felt compelled to do. I felt compelled to write, volunteer and advance my artistic capabilities.

For some reason, many people don’t think such endeavors are “real work” and I was constantly told I should find a “real job”. Sure that bothered me but in the end my thought was, “hell, I’ve done the corporate thing for so long and I should now be able to do something for me”. As a result, though poorer,  I feel much happier now than ever before when we had a really solid income.

Several years ago I started writing a screenplay version of my novel “The Nonconformist”. As yet, even though I’ve come close, I have yet to find someone to take on the project of making it into a movie. Fortunately, despite the pitfalls, I have received some really good advice on how to make it better and as such I continue to tinker with it to make it as good as I can.

Several months ago a well-meaning relative, after me telling them about the screenplay and the difficulties I’ve had with trying to get it accepted by a producer asked, “That’s all well and good but how long are you going to put off doing something that might be better for you financially just so you can chase a dream that might never materialize”?

Although the question was a bit disarming, I honestly didn’t have to think much about my answer which was, “I truly believe in this project and although I’m not going to focus all of my efforts on it, I have no plans on ever giving up on it”.

I could tell by the look I received that my reply didn’t make sense to the relative but maybe it was because the person was never that committed to a specific dream or project.

I am sure there were many contestants on shows like “American Idol” that were told before hand that they were chasing a pipe dream. Fortunately they didn’t listen to those nay-sayers and followed their dreams. As we know, some fell short of realizing their dreams but at the same time there were others who succeeded in realizing theirs.

In the end it’s not about whether we succeed or not but instead that we pursued our dreams and never gave up on ourselves or those dreams. Either way we are the better for it and much further ahead that if we gave up.

It’s like anything hard that we do. I went surfing for a good bit of a summer before really being able to carve a turn on my board and really surf. Because I loved it though I fought through the disappointing sessions and as a result I finally mastered a sport I truly love.

I am blessed to have been able to teach surfing, snowboarding and skiing and to have seen people struggle at first and become disappointed then finally get in their good run or ride and walk away with a huge smile on their face and a feeling of accomplishment and well-being. Sadly, the people who never try never will know that feeling.

So hold onto your own dreams and never give up or ever surrender.

Thanks for checking in and I will look forward to seeing you back here again next week.

Aloha, Paul

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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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