Cosmic Connection

IMG_2764Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t seen in a while and within a day or so you receive a call from them? Have you ever met someone for the first time but somehow feel an instant connection with them? Maybe you’ve been with a certain friend or group of friends and you either seem to be able to finish each other sentence, read their mind or all start talking at the same time and realize you are saying the exact same thing.

I’ve had a lot of such experiences over the years (I also see numbers before they come up or know the color or number of a playing card before they are turned over but that might be a completely different thing). But getting back to people, I very much believe in cosmic connections between people.

A goof friend of mine and awesome surfer named Bruce Clelland has spoken to me about peoples aura’s and such connections in the past and I’ve come believe Bruce understands such things and has awakened me to them.

I have since witnessed it during book signings. It seems like even if I sell only one book or a bunch (A bunch for me is anything over ten) that I seem to meet that one person that I instantly connect with whom I was either supposed to meet and who helped me with something I was struggling with or I helped in the same way.

As I’ve pondered this over time I’ve come to believe we do have the ability to cosmically or telepathically connect with certain individuals.

This whole subject hit home with me in a big way yesterday. You see, when I was young, our half sister Gerri came to live with us for a time. For some reason of which I’m not sure exactly why, I felt an instant connection with her. She was older, seemingly so cool and worldly and we just seemed to hit it off from the start.

Unfortunately, some fifty plus years ago she left our home suddenly and disappeared from my life without a word or a trace. We were never told why but I assumed it had something to do with the same reasons why all of us kids couldn’t wait to leave our disastrous household.

Over the years I debated trying to track her down but at each turn I decided against it feeling that if whatever happened was so heinous that she needed to separate herself from that memory then I would give her the freedom she so desired.

Throughout that time I thought about her and prayed for her nearly every single day and debated over and over again about trying to find her. I wondered though what had become of her, did she eventually marry, have kids and if so what she might have told them about us and me. Somehow, I seemed to know she was still alive and held the hope that we would one day be reunited.

The most interesting/ Twilight Zone part of this is that in my yet to be released, and recently completed follow up novel to “The Nonconformist” entitled “The Waves of Fate”, my hero goes out California to save a long lost surfing buddy and while he’s out there he eventually locates his half sister and they eventually reconnect and realize the depth of their cosmic connection.

I suppose my character is braver than me as I have long regretted never have done so despite my desire to.

In my novel, I not only have his sister living in California but also that she had a daughter. To my absolute delight and astonishment, yesterday I received a FB request from a young woman in CA whom I didn’t know but who looked familiar. Despite not knowing her I felt compelled to accept it and after doing so she informed me that she was in fact the daughter of my long-lost half sister and that they wanted to connect with me.

I am good at math but I don’t believe I could calculate the odds of not only hearing from them so soon after completing my new novel but that so much of what I speculated in the novel was so close to reality. Cosmic connection is all I can come up with besides the hand of God interceding or both.

As it turns out, my half sister and her daughter and family are all braver than me. In a FB post today her son-in-law spoke of his wonderful and strong mother-in-law who is the sister I remember.

In a family who has seemingly and sadly been so intent on separating themselves from each other I take this as a hopeful and promising step in the process of a piece by piece and person by person reconciliation and the coming back together as a family.

When we finally spoke last night it was not of two persons who were estranged and timid about sharing our stories and our lives but instead like two cosmically connected individuals who seemed to pick up right where they left off those fifty some odd years ago.

Now I can barely wait to finally have that face to face meeting with my sister and her wonderful family.

My hope and prayer for you who read this is that you will continue to make cosmic connections with others and that if there is someone you have been estranged with that you have the courage to reach out and re-connect with them. In the end, just as me, you will be all the better for it.

Thanks for checking in and I will look forward to seeing you back here again next week.

Take care,

Aloha, Paul

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