123,787 Words

the-nonconformist-3I just completed the final draft of my new novel “The Waves of Fate” which is the final saga to my previously released novel “The Nonconformist”. I had not originally considered writing a follow up to that novel but over time I started to consider what happened to my main character as well as his good friend Rory and how things would end up for him after coming out of his coma.

The writing of it along with six edits, took me about a year which is pretty good seeing as how it took me nearly six years to complete “The Nonconformist”. I feel pretty good about how it turned out and am happy to have completed it in only 220 pages versus the 450 that it took me to complete my first novel.

The thing that struck me when I was finished with the novel was that it was comprised of 123,787 words (that would mean that “The Nonconformist was comprised of a whopping 250,000 or so words). Even though it was only comprised of about half of the words in “The Nonconformist”, it still overwhelmed me to realize I had that many words in me.

I have always been a story teller and have been told I tend to answer questions with way more of an answer than is required (I suppose the proper word is verbose) but it made me wonder where all of those thoughts, ideas and words came from.

As I entered into the writing of both of those novels I had no real roadmap as to where I was heading only an idea of the theme and a general idea of how I would like them to end and the morals I wanted to tell.

In the end, however, it seems as though the books took me where they wanted to go. Characters emerged, some similar to people I know and many who simply materialized from thin air. The story lines also seemed to run in all sorts of different directions and I simply let the plot run where it seemed to want to go. Bottom line, it’s a mystery to me that they somehow ended up pretty much where I would have liked them to.

Maybe it’s been a plus for me that I wasn’t trained as a writer and as such didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to be too exacting especially during my first drafts, which by the way were both about two times longer than they ended up being after all of my edits. I suppose that’s the reason I didn’t suffer from writers block.

I simply wrote from the heart and from life experiences, which by the way, having endured so many bumps in the road throughout my life seems to have been a real help in digging deep into my characters psyche’s. In addition, my fifty plus years as a surfer has helped me immensely in understanding the mindset of my surfing characters and creating surfing adventures and scenes.

I still have no idea of why I decided to become a writer or where the words come from but somehow I feel compelled to write just as much as I feel compelled to create art. I suppose it all comes from forces within me that seem to want to leap out of me onto paper and canvas.

While I feel good about my work I still have no idea of how good my writing and artwork is and I suppose only the reader and those who see my artwork can be the judges of it. But what I do know is that I love what I’m doing,  (even if I die poor doing so) and that I’ve learned a great deal about myself in the process from both endeavors. I also know that my goal is to always be truthful in my work and become better at it as I go along.

I guess I will never know where all of the words come from but I suppose I don’t much care as long as they keep flowing. In retrospect I suppose I owe a lot to my father, who, though one of the biggest pains in the butt that came down the pike, al least instilled within be the love of the written word and who always told me to keep a dictionary (these days a computer will do) by my side and to look up the words I didn’t understand.

If you’ve read any of my books thanks for doing so and I hope you enjoyed them. If you have please give me feedback. If you haven’t I’d feel blessed if you considered doing so.

Either way, thanks for checking in and reading my blog posts and I will look forward to seeing you back here again next week. Take care.





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