Excess Baggage

chickenofthesea_bookcoverI for one, which one could easily determine if they have read my personal story “Chicken of The Sea” or to a certain degree from reading my novel “The Nonconformist” which is mostly fiction but covers a great deal of who I am and where I come from, have carried with me a great deal of personal baggage some of which is good and some bad.

I’m also certain that, other than the lucky few who have been fortunate enough to come through life well adjusted and mostly unscathed,  most people carry with them their share of baggage also.

A good correlation for me is airline travel. When we travel we have to decide if we will skip the cost of paying to have our bags checked in and take them on as carry on baggage. I for one, especially if I have a number of layovers, much prefer to pay the cost of checking them in rather than dragging them along through scanning and boarding and around the airport. It’s just a pain in the neck especially when connections are tight.

The same can be said about finding that one of your bags are overweight. One has to decide what things are a must to take with us what can be left behind.

I look at personal baggage the same way. At the end of the day or the end of the trip, to keep the same analogy, it’s still going to be there at the baggage carousel at the end of our trip (well at least usually there) but do we really need to carry it around all of the time on our backs or shoulders.

There is no doubt that the hurt and pain we have experienced never truly leaves us even if we try as best to bury it. But to me the real test is in not letting it eat at me, define who I am, or keep me from enjoying life and people as best I can.

For the longest time I did let it get the best of me and I suffered for years with depression and self loathing and it was devastating. Fortunately I was able to grow from and past it to a great degree and I am now much happier with the world and myself as a result.

One of the things that helped me was the writing of my personal story and Novel. In both I was able to look back in at myself and my life either from my personal recollections of my life experiences and that of my novel’s main character to gain a better glimpse and understanding of myself, how I view the world and my place within it.

In that manner, somehow I was able to let go of a great deal of the hurt and pain I had been experiencing and at the same time forgive those who have hurt me and forgive myself for the hurt I have caused others, and just like the excess baggage tossed to make the suitcase lighter I have also been able to get rid of some of that excess baggage I had been carrying along with me.

I’m not suggesting that everyone write a novel or their personal story but I do think it is helpful step back from ones problems and baggage and determine what is at the core of our issues, if in fact we have them and then hopefully try to get rid of as much of the excess baggage that they’ve been carrying around as possible.

After all, Isn’t it all about self awareness and being happy.

As a surfing analogy, after just coming out of the winter season it is great to be free of having to perform while wearing a full suit and booties. To me, while certainly a necessity to be able to surf in cold water, they are still a piece of excess baggage that keeps me from enjoying me sessions to the greatest degree.

Thanks again for checking in and my hope is that your baggage is as light as possible.

Aloha, Paul

About authorpaulhayden

Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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