The environment thanks you Leo DiCaprio

545513_10151068901303949_1177005509_nThe other night at the Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio made a plea on behalf of the environment for people to take global warming seriously and to do whatever they could to help preserve our world in as good a way as possible for future generations.

I applaud his efforts and for using the platform he was given for something so worthwhile. As great as it was though, it’s a shame that it had to take the words of a celebrity to cause more people to take the issue seriously.

For years scientists, environmentalists and their organizations have been putting forth proof of the problems associated with global warming yet despite their best science and efforts many have chosen to either not accept their findings of stick their heads in the sand and pretend the problems aren’t either real or as bad as advertised.

As an environmentalist and active member of the Surfrider Foundation I have seen enough to be convinced the problems are real. We are seeing sea level rise, loss of our ice caps,acidification of our oceans, rise in carbons in the sea and atmosphere, rising world temperatures, erratic weather patterns and declines in species.

Yet despite the fact we seem to be going about business as usual. We seem to be tied to fossil fuels even though there are alternative energy sources at our disposal and we allow big business to do things that are contrary to good environmental sense just for the sake of profits.

We also continue to produce plastics at an alarming rate even though they are clogging up our oceans and waterways and killing mammals and fishes

So while Leonardo’s acceptance speech on behalf of the environment was a great Oscar moment and I applaud him for it, we need to all become more aware of the issues and actually do something to improve the situation. I’ve seen the data on what is going to happen if we don’t and it isn’t pretty.

Thanks for checking in and I’ll look forward to seeing you again here next week.




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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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