The Money Gremlins

the-nonconformist-3Have you ever noticed how it seems like sometimes when you get a financial windfall, that you think you can go ahead and bank, that something always seems to come up shortly there after which claims that money?

It’s almost like there are little money Gremlins who wait until just that very moment to take the money away from you. I don’t know about you but it seems like it happens to me a lot.

Recently I received a little Christmas money and after selling one of my surfboards I figured I could bank the money and save it for a trip or to purchase something cool down the road.

Before I could even get to the bank my car door jam broke and our old toilet stopped working. Even so, I wasn’t about to let the money Gremlins get the best of me and take my money this time around like they often do.

After fiddling with the car door I got it to open and close and even though it doesn’t catch, which makes me have to hold it the entire time and risk having it slam against me, at least I can live with it as is for the time being.

As far as the toilet was concerned, even though it required a full replacement of all of it’s guts and nuts and bolts, after pricing a new toilet and the installation fee, I decided to do the work myself.

It ended up taking me a good bit of an afternoon to pull it apart and fix it, (yes I actually read and followed the instructions this time) but in the end I got it fixed. Remarkably it also worked well and I didn’t even curse one single time during the process. As such, I was pretty pleased with myself and elated that I had seemingly outwitted those money grubbing Gremlins this time around.

Silly me though, I should realize by now that I most likely will never get the best of those nasty little critters. No more than a day later our refrigerator broke down and we had to pay $425.00 to get it fixed. Bottom line, they won this time around.

At first I was pretty bummed out about it all but in the end I decided I wasn’t about to give those selfish Gremlins that satisfaction. I realized I had two options. I could either feel like a victim by thinking, “Poor me. It really sucks that I can never get ahead financially”, or I could try to look at it from a more positive standpoint of “Well at least I had the money for he emergency and saved some dough on the other things”.

Bottom line, we are all faced with challenges from time to time but it’s our choice as to how we deal with them and whether or not we let the Gremlins in our lives get the better of us. I’m hoping I don’t ever again give them that opportunity.

Thanks for checking in and I hope you have a great, Gremlin free week.

Aloha, Paul


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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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