New Years Resolutions

IMG_2764 This Morning on the news they said that about 45% of the population makes New Years resolutions and only about 8% actually keep them. It made me wonder if we aren’t just kidding ourselves in the belief that we will keep them and if it’s actually worth going through the process of deciding what resolutions to make.

For the longest time I bought into the process but to be honest as there was too much stress involved with trying to decide what one(s) to make and then trying to live up to those expectations, I finally decided to stop trying altogether.

Sure I’d like to resolve to improve our financial well being and be a better person or have my screen play produced but in reality there’s really a lot that goes into it all and I’m left wondering  how do I pick the one thing that will do that for me because too many resolutions and sub resolutions are simply too many to keep up with.

As such, I’ve decided to simply try each and every day to be a better me, focus on what needs to be done that day and  to really think about what’s important and the best way to achieve my goals.

Way back in my business career I worked with a guy named Joe who was showing me the ropes, and after seeing how discombobulated I got when trying to solve a problem or work through a presentation that he told me, “Don’t think Paul you only weaken the team”. Though brutal to hear at the time,  Joe was right about me. I did tend to overthink things and was a lot better off if I just believed in my instincts and abilities. His advice has served me well over the years.

Sometimes we get so invested in trying to hit our one big goal that we forget to take care of the little things that actually make us and our situation better. We also forget to enjoy the journey and the process.

Sure it would be great to get back to our High School weight or obtain financial success but so what if we don’t. To me it’s kind of like riding a wave. It’s ridiculous to decide what we’re going to do on a wave before it even gets to us. Instead, we simply catch it then take what it gives us then make the most of it.

It’s kind of like life, every day brings with it new challenges and opportunities and we have to adjust to them. If we are so intent on focusing on that one thing we decided to have as a resolution then we might miss out on what we really need to do to make the most of our time and energy and to deal with those challenges and opportunities.

So for me, while I like to have an overall plan, I think it’s best to simply try and be the best person I can be each day and focus on the things I have control over and simply enjoy the ride. If I don’t then I’m afraid I most likely will only weaken the team.

Here’s wishing you a very happy New Year and that you enjoy your ride over the coming year.

Aloha, Paul


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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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