The Perfect Christmas

byronthelonelychristmastree_bookcoverBelow is another installment of my past years annual Christmas stories. I will be posting one more this week before posting a new one Christmas day. I hope you enjoy this one.

Hugh was awakened Christmas morning by the streams of light that were filtering through the shades of his bedroom window in he and his wife’s Jacksonville home. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he remembered it was Christmas and whispered Merry Christmas to his sleeping wife.

As the kids had grown nd moved out there was no reason to rush out and open presents. Instead, feeling a bit frisky he gently rubbed his wife’s  back until she stirred. “Not now” was her response before adding. “That’s on your gift list but you’ll have to wait”.

“Awe come on, you know I can’t wait”, Hugh replied with a pout.

“How old are you? I swear you’re worse than the kids were when trying to get us up early to open their presents”. She then smiled and said, “Well you have been a good boy this year so I guess it’s the least I can do for you”.

Following their wonderful lovemaking, the couple lay in each other’s arms for a while as they watched the morning news. To their amazement there were no reports of traumatic events and the news that was presented was all positive and heartwarming.

In the lead story the commentator said the Republicans and Democrats had vowed to quit their squabbling and had worked out a bi-partisan economic stimulus package.

There was also a report on developments in the Middle East that pointed towards peace in the region and a smooth transition towards democratic rule and improved individual rights.

Surprisingly, many major corporations had come together and vowed to increase the minimum wages of their employees as well as to give substantial wage increases to their employees so they could live more comfortably and also as they realized that it would enable their employees to purchase more good which would be good for the economy.

The following story was even more astonishing. In an unprecedented move the oil companies had announced an end to near and off-shore oil drilling and a shift to the search and development of safe alternative energy sources.

Upon hearing the news Hugh and Susie looked at each other in total amazement and pinched themselves to make sure they were really awake.

After showering, Hugh made his way to the kitchen where he made Susie her favorite meal of blueberry pancakes and sausage. As he worked he took in all of the holiday splendor that surrounded him. The couple, despite being alone that Christmas had fully decorated their home and it looked beautiful. As Christmas was his favorite time of year he thanked God for his blessings and for sending down his son who was the reason for the season.

As Jon cooked, he considered going surfing afterwards as the day was expected to be a warm one and with the light off-shores that were expected. As such, he knew the conditions would be good. Remembering his promise to Susie to not surf that day, however, he tried to dismiss those thoughts.

After enjoying their wonderful meal the two opened the few presents they had given each other. For his part, Jon was particularly excited over receiving a new wet suit as his current one was starting to leak. The only problem associated with it all was that it only made him want to rush out and make use of it.

To his amazement and delight, after seeing how happy he was over his gift, Susie looked at him, smiled and said, “I have one other gift for you”.

Hugh looked at her quizzically and replied, “I thought we did that before breakfast”.

Susie laughed and said, “Well you’re right but as I know you’re dying to go surfing, after church we’ll head up to Little Talbot Island so you can”.

Hugh literally jumped for joy then lifted Susie off of her feet and kissed her before saying, “You’re the best wife in the world”.

Mass that morning was a beautiful and uplifting one and as Jon sat in reflection he thanked God for helping to get through all of the tough times especially since the loss of his job and that somehow he knew things would turn around for them.

He then reflected on how he wished his sister, their kids and  families could be with them this day to make it an even more memorable one. Unfortunately, as they lived far away he figured they would have to settle for phone calls.

The beach and ocean at Little Talbot Island was fairly deserted when they arrived but the surf was as good as he had hoped. There were clean, chest-high waves coming in in long lines from the outside and carrying all the way to the inside.

Jon made good use of his new wet-suit and had a most memorable session especially after his friend Matty showed up and surfed with him for a good two hours or so.

Upon their return home the couple was surprised to see their driveway and street filled with cars and their hearts were filled with gladness when they saw, standing in front of their entry way, his sister along with their children and grandchildren who upon seeing them yelled, “Surprise, Merry Christmas”.

As Hugh sat in the midst of his family he thanked God for the blessing he had bestowed upon them and wondered how on earth the day could get any better. As he was contemplating his good fortune the phone rang and after answering it he was pleased to find it was his good friend and agent Ben.

Ben sounded excited and after sharing pleasantries he informed Jon that the producer they had been working with for quite some time, who had been considering the screen-play he had written based on his novel, had finally accepted it and was going to move forward with it.

Hugh was left speechless for a moment but after the reality set in he replied, “You wouldn’t screw with me on Christmas about something this important would you. I had begun to wonder if this was ever going to come together and I would hate to think this is another one of your sick pranks”.

“No bro, I would never screw with your emotions on something this big. I just wanted to help make your day. Call me tomorrow and we can discuss it further. Merry Christmas”.

“Same to you my friend and thanks for making my day”, Hugh replied before hanging up the phone. After hanging up he did a little victory dance and after informing his family of the good new he exclaimed, “This has absolutely been the best Christmas ever”.

The end.

I hope you enjoyed my story and although I know it’s all a pipe dream one can at least hope it could all happen. take care and pray for peace.

Aloha, Paul


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