Seeing Through The Eyes of a Child

IMG_2764The other evening I came across a movie on TV about a young boy who lost his father at an early age and went off to find the meaning of life. In it, his mother, for his thirteenth birthday, got together with friends of his to create a number of situations that would help him discover the meaning of it all.

In the end, through the help of those people, he was able to make sense of his fathers death and reconcile the meaning of life for him.

When the boy thanked the man who had orchestrated it all the man surprised him by saying, “No, thank you for letting me see the goodness of the world through your eyes”.

The truth is, children often see the world in a much different way than we adults do. Children are often able to see spirits when we can’t, are more likely to have bigger dreams and are generally more optimistic and accepting of love and encouragement than most adults.

I believe this is so because they are not yet jaded by life, are more accepting of change and new things and are in awe of the many new experiences they encounter. Their time is also more of looking ahead than looking behind. That is to say they live in the moment and in the future rather than in the past.

Our family has always enjoyed spending time at theme parks. As anyone knows, after doing anything or seeing anything too many times, even the coolest of things can become boring and less interesting.

Whenever I’ve felt this way I try to focus on the little ones around me. Through the excitement and wonder I see in them it all seems new and exciting again to me.

While I’m certainly not implying that we should be childish or immature, at the same time I believe that keeping a child like approach to life, being in the moment and looking forward rather than dwelling on the past, can help us to stay youthful and vibrant.

As a surfer I feel I’m fortunate in that way. As most of my surfer buddies are quite a bit younger I feed off of their youthful exuberance and outlook which helps me to feel more alive and relevant.

Don’t get me wrong, our lives would not be as fulfilled and the world would not survive long without the benefit of those with age and experience as their sage advice. At the same time, however, I think we’d all be a lot happier and the world a better place if we all took more time to try and view the world through the eyes of a child.

Thanks for checking in and I will look forward to seeing you again next week.

Aloha, Paul

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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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