Pictures VS Words

the-nonconformist-3It is said the a picture is worth a thousand words. I buy that sentiment to a point. If I look “closely” at a painting or a photograph a lot of ideas and images come to mind. Either could conjure up thoughts of what the artist was trying to convey or how they felt about the image they were taking or painting. The image might have a lot to take in like colors, mood, lighting, time and space, expression and many other things to ponder upon.

But I wonder, with so many images popping up in the media, facebook and other venues, are we really looking at those images long and hard enough to conjure up such words and thoughts.

Way back in time before the camera, other than paintings and carvings in caves or on canvas there was pretty much only the spoken and written word. People saw things in nature or experiences they had and told stories or wrote about them. Words meant a great deal and how they used them added to the depth of the story.

As both an artist and a writer I truly see the value of both. When I paint I try to convey a mood and a story within my work based on how I see the world and the subject matter. When I write it comes from a very deep place and my desire is for the reader to feel as deeply about my characters and my message as I do and to walk away with thoughts and ideas that touch them deeply.

At any one time on Amazon there are some nearly 5,000,000 books listed. (I know because on days my books don’t sell that’s about where they rank) This means there are a lot of people with a lot of great, and sometimes not so great, ideas and stories to tell. Obviously they all feel their story had merit or they wouldn’t have put forth all of their energies, time and money into getting them published. (truth be told, few authors get paid for book contract or make money as an author)

In my mind both pictures, paintings and the written word carry great value. The problem I see is that way too often things are posted and disseminated so quickly and with such little fore thought that the true message is lost or at times not even considered.

This isn’t just limited to facebook or twitter but also with the media in general. It seems to be more about getting a story, thought or image out there as soon as possible and not enough about making it truly meaningful.

I know I’m probably doing myself an injustice and keeping down my income from doing so by not having prints made of my art work, but from the start I wanted the person who purchased one of my pieces of art to have the only one in existence. I also want my writing to be original, from the heart and to be well thought out. But that’s me and I don’t expect everyone to follow my thought process.

My hope is that we don’t get so caught up with the idea of popping out quick images and thoughts that we lose the substance of the matter. Yes a picture is worth a thousand words but the written word, well written, can also be worth a thousand pictures.

What do you think?

Thanks for checking in, thanks for your support and I hope to see you next week.

Aloha, Paul

P.S. Thanks to everyone who checked in on my post this past week about the Sisters of The Sea contest. Nearly 200 people read it which is a really big deal for  me (and very uplifting also) as a good week for me is generally around twenty.

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