The Dream Stealers

IMG_2764 During a lull in a recent book signing (yes I have a lot of those unfortunately) I checked out some of the books in the Children’s book area. I ended up thumbing through one entitled “The Dream Stealers”

The book was very well written and hit a deep nerve in me. For years I have written “Believe in your self and miracles and always follow your dreams” when signing my children’s book “Byron The Lonely Christmas Tree”.

Such a statement is important to me as during most of my childhood I was told by not only my parents but even some teachers that I would not ever amount to much nor should I expect much of myself. As a result, for the longest time I believed it.

Over the years I’ve visited a lot of classrooms to give environmental lectures or to talk about my writing. Time and again students admit to me that they have either been told they weren’t good enough at something and to give up on their dream or that they shouldn’t expect to be successful. I can always read in their faces the hurt and disappointment they feel because of it and can tell they had given up on themselves. As a result, whenever I get the chance I try to reinforce in them that they are special and to believe they can accomplish great things.

In my case, it took years of soul searching and therapy to find my inner strength and regain my belief that I could achieve my dreams and that I was worthy of success and happiness.

Unfortunately there are a lot of dream stealers in the world who most likely were disappointed by life or bought into the idea that they would never realize their dreams. As such they either convince someone (child or adult) that they won’t succeed at something to “protect them” from hurt or because they are jealous of their talents of accomplishments and the only way they can feel good about themselves is by putting someone else down.

Bottom line, whether your a child or an adult and feel a passion over something believe in yourself enough to cast off the dispersions of others and pursue your dreams and certainly don’t let anyone, including yourself, chastise you if for some reason you fail to attain your dream(s). After all, the pursuit of a dream in and of itself is a success and we are always better off just by simply trying.

From my standpoint, I had the dream of writing a novel for quite some time. When I lost my job in industry a lot of people told me to “get a real job” and give up on writing the novel as even if I did I most likely would never sell enough books to survive.

Who knows, maybe I won’t but even if I don’t I’m a lot happier and feel more fulfilled than if continued to take on any job I could find just to prove I’m doing what is expected that one should do under the circumstances.

I’ve also written a screenplay version of my novel “The Nonconformist” that I’ve been trying for several years to have accepted by a producer. While I’m working hard to find someone to take it on and don’t plan on ever giving up on the project, despite my best efforts it just might not ever happen. While I certainly hope and believe it will I know I won’t feel like a failure if I’m unsuccessful because I tried my best and had accomplished something many people never thought I would accomplish or have even tried to accomplish themselves.

There is one thing I do know for certain and it’s that we all have special gifts and talents. I also firmly believe that if there were more dream supporters in the world than there are dream stealers that we would all be a lot happier and the world would be a better place.

Thanks again for checking in and remember to always believe in yourself and miracles and continue to follow your dreams.

Aloha, Paul

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Author, artist, screenwriter, environmentalist. husband, father, surfer, surfing instructor, volunteer.
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