Do our favorite characters live on after the end of a novel?

the-nonconformist-3 Several weeks ago I watched the movie “The Fault in our Stars’. Besides being a really good flick, it brought out a question I never really pondered before. The two main characters in the movie both liked a specific novel that gave them hope as they battled their cancers and wanted to know what happened to the characters after the end of the novel.

To find the answer to their question they traveled to Amsterdam to meet with the author. The author turned out to be a bit of a jerk and at first blew them off by basically stating “It’s just a novel and when it ends so does the story and as such the characters lives end with it”.

At first glance I suppose you could look at it either way. Because it is fiction and the characters are made up then I suppose it all ends there. On the other hand, if you really get captivated by the characters, their lives might just live on in our minds and we can create scenarios regarding what happens to them.

As I pondered the question further I realized that after reading some of my favorite novels I tended to feel like the characters were real and became very attached to them. I also wondered what did become of them.

It took me nearly five years to write my current novel “The Nonconformist” and by the time I completed it my characters were definitely real to me. As a matter of fact, after finishing it and the screen play version of it that I wrote, they became all the more real and I started to wonder what happened to some of the characters. I also felt as if some things were left unsaid and unfinished and mentally played out some scenarios regarding them.

I honestly never considered writing a follow up novel to the “The Nonconformist” but finally decided to because I wanted to play out my ideas and thought my readers might enjoy getting the answers to the questions they might have had. I am currently into my second rewrite of my new novel “The Waves of Fate” and have enjoyed the twists and turns that my characters lives have taken and delving into the issues regarding the curve balls life throws us, what makes us tick and the vagaries of love and friendship.

Thanks for checking in and I would be interested in hearing from you regarding how you feel about the question of do characters lives live on after the end of a novel. BTW, I’m sorry this weeks blog is late but have been on the road doing book signings in NC and VA and getting in a surf session or two on the OBX.

Take care and see you again next week.

Aloha, Paul

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